The Guidebook section of the website contains backcountry skiing information for Banff National Park and surrounding area.

The core of the information can be found within the Ski Zone and Ski Line sections. A Ski Zone is a geographical area which embodies several Ski Lines and could be compared to a Chapter found in traditional written guidebooks. A Ski Line is an area in which you ski downhill. It may be a strict line in the sense of a couloir or a larger overall area with the same basic characteristics, a tree run for example.

Other features, such as Shelters, Mountains/Peaks, Ranges, etc, can be accessed via their own sections with related Ski Zones and Lines linked to the individual pages.

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How To Use The Guidebook

Below you will find a break down of all information found on the Ski Zone and Ski Line pages.

Ski Zone Pages

Ski Line Pages

Map Information

The map overlays were entered over google satellite maps. If switching to terrain mode you may notice that the overlays are incorrectly placed, this is due to the satellite images being incorrectly placed over the terrain data. The satellite maps give better insight into where the line goes for when you arrive in person and gives better reference to the pictures that are included.

Map Overlay Legend

Different overlays have been programmed in different colors.

Green Line - Access to Ski Zone
Orange Line - Access to Ski Line
Red Line - Ski Line or Traverse
Purple Line - Ski Line Exit
Yellow Line - Alternative Route

Blue Area - Ski Zone Overlay
Yellow Area - Mountain Range Overlay
Green Area - Park or Protected Area
White Area - Topo Map
Cyan Area - Province
Black Area - Country

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