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Version 2 Open Beta!

I know the site has been a bit silent since launching but I have been hard at work (and play, it's ski season after all).

Happy to release Version 2 of the website today, Dec 20 2107!

The new features include a member area called Basecamp where you can currently create ski objective Checklists, custom collections of ski lines/zones/traverses called My Guidebook and post Trip Reports with GPX file upload option. On the new Recon page you can view other members Checklists, My Guidebooks and Trip Reports. Other than that some things have been reorganized a little but nothing too drastic I hope.

There are still probably a few bugs so if you see anything weird please contact me via the About Page. One bug that I am aware of is the GPX uploader for Trip Reports. If you try uploading a GPX file and something goes wrong please contact me, thanks in advance!


Welcome to, an online backcountry skiing guidebook for the Banff area. After many hundreds of hours of programming, debugging, reprogramming and data entry the website has finally launched on September 22 2017!

Currently most of the zones/lines entered are from the last Confessions of a Ski Bum guidebook but other areas are being updated slowly (a bit busy skiing these days). Our next focus will be to enter some of the more classic/traditional skiing zones found around Banff (93N, 93S, Lake Louise, Yoho, etc).

The goal of this website is to provide the user with the best possible information for skiing in the Banff and surrounding area. We hope to achieve this by providing written directions, maps and large pictures for all zones/lines. If you are interested in helping with the project or think there is something we could be doing better please feel free to contact us at

For updates join our Facebook page at

Newest Ski Lines

Featured: Egypt Lake

If your group is looking for a true wilderness backcountry skiing experience with the basic comforts of a shelter than Egypt Lake is for you! Everything from alpine lake tours to steep no fall couloirs can be found along this section of the Great Divide.

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