In this section of the website you can access Checklists, My Guidebooks and Trip Reports which are submitted by our members. Not a member yet? Then head over to the Basecamp page to sign up today to start taking advantage of these features!

The Checklist feature allows members to keep track of Ski Lines and Traverses that they are looking to complete, have attempted before or have already had success on.

The My Guidebook feature allows members to create custom collections of Ski Lines, Zones and Traverses. For example one could create a My Guidebook of all the places they feel are best suited for novice skiers or maybe a collection of the hardest couloirs.

The Trip Reports feature allows members to report on overall conditions of trips they have recently been on. Members can attach specific Ski Lines, Zones, Mountains, etc to the reports and upload GPX files for others to download.

Remember to always put recon into context, our member base will likely be varied as far as experience and knowledge is concerned. In all cases take information with a gain of salt and when heading out into the mountains plan to adapt to the conditions you find while out there.

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