Guidebook : Ski Lines

The Dolphin, Mount Temple
Bow Range - Alberta - Canada
Banff National Park

For information to access the starting point for The Dolphin, on Mount Temple, please see the Paradise Valley ski zone page.

This feature is the large snowfield that forms in the middle of the north face of Mount Temple. Below the snowfield several different thin couloir features that server for access. In the past this area was only used for climbing access purposes but has started to see ski descents in modern times.

Ski Line Info: [?]
Max Elevation: 3000m
Min Elevation: 2200m
Vertical Relief: 800m
Distance: 0.70km

Ski Line Access Info: [?]
Distance: 1.50km
Vertical Gain: 1220m

Ski Zone Access Info: [?]
Ski Zone: Paradise Valley
Distance: 8.50km
Vertical Gain: 500km

Combined Access Info: [?]
Distance: 10km
Vertical Gain: 1720m

Map Info:
82 N/08

From Lake Annette head towards the north face through a boulder field and up your choice of thin couloir type features stemming down from the upper snowfield. Climb up as far as you'd like and ski back down.

Map overlays created for satellite data and may be off in terrain mode, for more info click here.

Paradise Valley Contents:

  Eiffel Peak

  Glacier Peak

  Haddo Peak

  Hungabee Mountain

  Little Temple

  Mount Aberdeen

  Mount Lefroy

  Mount Temple
       - Aemmer Couloir
       - Cobra Couloir
       - Sphinx Face
       - The Dolphin

  Pinnacle Mountain

  Ringrose Peak

  Sheol Mountain

  The Mitre

  Wastach Mountain

  Wenkchemna Peak

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