Guidebook : Ski Lines

South-East Face, Healy 3
Massive Range - Alberta - Canada
Banff National Park

For information to access the starting point for South-East Face, on Healy 3, please see the Healy Drainage ski zone page.

Healy 3 Peak is the unofficial name of the peak to the north of Healy Pass. This is fun way to end a trip at Lost Horse Creek or Egypt Lake in late spring. When you combine this run with the lower Summer Trail Slopes it makes for a long and fast run back to the Healy Creek Trail. Like the other southern faces of the Healy Peaks this one is also best left for mid to late spring. It suffers less from depth hoar than the other peaks due to wind loading but does avalanche during most natural cycles and usually has multiple cornices. The run itself isn't anything too crazy but has a really nice alpine feel with amazing views of the whole area!

Ski Line Info: [?]
Max Elevation: 2525m
Min Elevation: 2200m
Vertical Relief: 325m
Distance: 2.00km

Ski Line Access Info: [?]
Distance: 8.50km
Vertical Gain: 775m

Ski Zone Access Info: [?]
Ski Zone: Healy Drainage
Distance: 3.00km
Vertical Gain: 275km
Vertical Loss: 50km

Combined Access Info: [?]
Distance: 11.5km
Vertical Gain: 1050m
Vertical Loss: 50m

Map Info:
82 O/4: GR797623

Follow the Healy Creek Trail for 3km until arrving at the Healy Creek bridge, continue for another 3kms, below several avalanche paths before arriving at the turn off for Simpson Pass Trail. At the Simpson Pass Trail fork go climber's right following the Healy Creek Trail through a steeper section for 1.5km until you reach a tree line area with a creek bed to the climber's right. Follow the creek bed heading west using the flattest section of terrain towards the Monarch Ramparts. There will be rolling features on either side of the creek bed (the summer trail route to climber's right). As you get closer to the Monarch Ramparts head to the climber's right to gain access to the low point in Healy Pass. From Healy Pass climb up the south ridge to the summit. Watch for cornices on the climber's right side.

From the summit ski a short but steep slope to a bench before descending the main face. If descending all the way back to Healy Creek Trail connect the high points along the Summer Trail Slopes in order to keep speed.

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Healy Drainage Contents:

  Center Peak
       - Healy Creek Avalanche Path 1
       - Healy Creek Avalanche Path 2
       - Healy Creek Avalanche Path 3
       - Healy Creek Y Drainage
       - South Aspect
       - The Big V

  Healy 1
       - East Aspect
       - Healy Glades
       - South West Trimline

  Healy 2

  Healy 3
       - South-East Face
       - Summer Trail Slopes

  Monarch Ramparts
       - North East Aspect

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