Guidebook : Ski Lines

South-East Face, North Pyramid
Massive Range - Alberta - Canada
Banff National Park

For information to access the starting point for South-East Face, on North Pyramid, please see the Lost Horse Creek ski zone page.

A fairly steep run with some route finding issues lower down. Make sure to have a good look at this face from South Pyramid and in pictures before attempting. Starting even a small avalanche on this face would likely result is an extermely violent ride over cliffs and into the forest.

Ski Line Info: [?]
Max Elevation: 2650m
Min Elevation: 2350m
Vertical Relief: 300m
Distance: 0.50km

Ski Line Access Info: [?]
Distance: 5.00km
Vertical Gain: 400m
Vertical Loss: 75m

Ski Zone Access Info: [?]
Ski Zone: Lost Horse Creek
Distance: 10.00km
Vertical Gain: 525km
Vertical Loss: 100km

Combined Access Info: [?]
Distance: 15km
Vertical Gain: 925m
Vertical Loss: 175m

Map Info:
82 O/4: GR791666

From camp head north-west over a large flat clearing and towards a slight drainage feature between the lower south ridge and a "ski hill" tree area to climber's right. Head up the obvious lane way for about 500m before gaining the south ridge of South Pyramid before the climber's left cornices appear. Once on the ridge follow it all the way to the summit of South Pyramid while avoiding large over hanging cornices to the climber's right.

From the summit of South Pyramid ski down the northern ridge line to gain access to the south ridge line of North Pyramid, follow it all the way to the summit.

From the summit you have several options for skiing but it is best to aim for the line that heads between the two cliff bands below the face.

To lap use the east ridge of South Pyramid to do a big loop of both summits. If heading back to camp you can use the large flat bench below the North-East Face of South Pyramid.

Map overlays created for satellite data and may be off in terrain mode, for more info click here.

Lost Horse Creek Contents:

  Black Brett
       - Freeski Wall

  Center Peak
       - West Aspect

  Healy 1
       - North Bowl
       - Northern Chutes

  Healy 2
       - North-East Face
       - West Face

  Healy 3
       - North-East Face

  Lost Peak
       - East Face
       - North Ridge
       - North-East Bowl

  Mount Brett
       - South Aspect, South-West Ridge

  North Pyramid
       - North Face
       - South-East Face
       - West Aspect

  South Pyramid
       - North Face
       - South-East Face
       - Summit via South Ridge
       - West Aspect

  Unnamed 793677

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