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Bourgeau Meadows
Massive Range - Alberta - Canada
Banff National Park

While skiing at Sunshine Resort it would be hard for a backcountry skier to ignore the mixed potential that Bourgeau Meadows offers. Everything from long, low angled slopes to steep committing no fall runs can be found within this area. Summitting Mount Bourgeau offers outstanding views of Sunshine Resort, the Ball, Massive, Sawback and Sundance Ranges and the Bow Valley.

Ski Zone Access Info: [?]
Distance: 5.00km
Vertical Gain: 575m
Vertical Loss: 50m

Ski Zone Info: [?]
Max Elevation: 2931m
Min Elevation: 1850m

Map Info:
82 O/4: GR830640
GR865633 (Sunshine Resort parking lot)
GR857630 (first bridge, Sunshine Creek)
GR851628 (small "S" turn on Healy Creek )
GR848634 (drainage)
GR829635 (camp area)

From the parking lot at Sunshine Resort head to the back of the lodge near the warehouse to find the Healy Creek Trailhead. The bottom part of this trail is also the Lower Canyon ski out run. At the first fork turn right onto the Healy Creek Trail and downhill to the first bridge, (Sunshine Creek). After the first bridge travel about 500 meters on the Healy Creek Trail until you climb a short steeper section that ends in a small "S" turn before flattening out again. From here head north and down a short section of bush before ending up on Healy Creek and continue directly north up the steep creek wall through trees. Boot packing a short section may be required here. Continue north over rolling terrain until you can see the bottom of Mount Bourgeau's main avalanche path in the distance. Turn left and follow the low angled drainage over 2, hopefully frozen, small waterfalls. If the waterfalls are not frozen then work the climber's right ridge lines to bypass them. You can also use the climber's right forest as a work around for several terrain traps this drainage presents along the way. After the second waterfall you will come to a larger open area with a short open run around to the south off the ridge line. Head west through a small waterfall type area using the climber's left forest as a possible work around before coming out in the lower meadow area. Here you can setup a sheltered camp with good access to all the runs within the area.

Overview of Bourgeau Meadows from the summit of Mount Bourgeau.
Overview of the Harvey Pass area within Bourgeau Meadows from the summit of Mount Bourgeau.
Overview of Bourgeau Meadows from The Dive at Sunshine Resort.
Black Brett and Mount Bourgeau from the top of the East Bowl Ski Line.
Center Peak area from the top of the East Bowl Ski Line in Bourgeau Meadows.

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Bourgeau Meadows Contents:

  Black Brett
       - Big Triangle
       - East Bowl

  Center Peak
       - North East Aspect

  Mount Bourgeau
       - Summit via West Ridge
       - West Triangle

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