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Citadel Pass
Sunshine Range - Alberta, British Columbia - Canada
Banff National Park, Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

Citadel Pass is found roughly 8km south-east from Sunshine Village Resort along the Great Divide. The pass is found at 2360m above sea level between Citadel Peak and Fatigue Mountain. Both peaks offer amazing views from their summits and several ski descents. Weather here can change rather rapidly and often the localized winds include very strong gusts while in the alpine, both likely due to the position of the area above the Simpson River.

Although you could ski this area day tripping from Sunshine Village it would present a long day with less chance of success than setting up camp and taking advantage of localized weather windows.

Ski Zone Access Info: [?]
Distance: 9.00km
Vertical Gain: 235m
Vertical Loss: 175m
ATES: Challenging

Ski Zone Info: [?]
Max Elevation: 2959m
Min Elevation: 2100m

Map Info:
82 O/4: GR905528
GR855583 (resort boundary)
GR862560 (Quartz Hill trim line)
GR873550 (pass at Quartz Hill)
GR895528 (Citadel Lake)
GR904528 (Citadel Pass)

Lift Access Directions: Purchase a lift ticket at the base of the resort and take the gondola to the village. Take the Strawberry chair lift and ski south, directly towards Quartz Hill, once off the lift.

Earn Your Turns Directions: Follow the 5.7km ski out for a fairly easy and quick way to tour up to the village. Head towards the bottom of the Divide chair lift using the green runs to the east of the Strawberry chair lift and head south towards Quartz Hill.

Follow the depression to the east of Rock Isle Lake for about 1km and head south below Quartz Ridge along the trim line. If avalanche danger is in question you can stay inside the thicker trees to the east of Quartz Ridge, otherwise following the trim line is the usual route. You will soon enter the alpine area below Quartz Hill, you will want to trend climber's left to stay away from the run out zone until reaching the pass between Quartz Hill and it's eastern ridge. Alternatively it can also make sense to head directly to the large open meadow south east of Quartz Hill which leads to a series of less threatening tree lane ways heading towards Quartz Hill's eastern ridge, where you want to trend climber's right to reach the pass. From the pass you can ski down to Howard Douglas Lake and then find a ridge line feature heading south east, directly towards Citadel Peak. If you find yourself heading south west you will likely be going down a drainage that leads down to the Simpson River, this is a bad idea. Once on the flats weave through tree islands via slight drainages heading directly towards Citadel Peak. You will find Citadel Lake directly below the north aspect of Citadel Peak. From Citadel Lake head directly east through a boulder field and onward to Citadel Pass.

To return to Sunshine Village follow your route back. Some parties may be lured into traveling on the east side of Quartz Hill's eastern ridge highpoint but this route is not faster, easier or safer than access to the pass on Quartz Hill.

Looking towards Citadel Pass from the east ridge of Quartz Hill.
Overview of Fatigue Mountain and it's northern ridge.

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Citadel Pass Contents:

  Citadel Peak
       - East Bowl
       - North Couloir
       - North Face
       - Summit via South Ridge

  Fatigue Mountain

  Fatigue Subpeak

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