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Lake Helen
Murchison Group - Alberta - Canada
Banff National Park

The area around Lake Helen offers everything from short isolated ski slopes to a big summit with committing lines. The main objective in the area is often a summit attempt of Cirque Peak linked with the North Couloir ski line over it's north glacier. The classic and popular Dolomite Peak Circuit ski tour also travels through this ski zone and is a great way to get a good overview of the area.

Ski Zone Access Info: [?]
Distance: 5.00km
Vertical Gain: 500m
Vertical Loss: 25m
ATES: Challenging

Ski Zone Info: [?]
Max Elevation: 2993m
Min Elevation: 2200m

Map Info:
82 N/09: GR405265
GR430230 (Helen Creek trailhead)
GR430232 (gain ridge)
GR425236 (creek crossing / runouts start)
GR419245 (runouts end / uphill section)
GR405263 (Lake Helen)

Drive up the Icefield Parkway and park at the Helen Creek trailhead. Follow the usually well packed trail uphill to the north west before two switchbacks to gain the ridge. From here the trail descends slightly to join the creek and follows along it on the climber's right under large runouts from Dolomite Peak. After 1.5km you will start to climb within treeline terrain along a ridge until breaking into the alpine at around 2300m ASL. There should be a small ditch/drainage feature to climber's right. Head north west over rolling terrain for just under 1km to reach Lake Helen.

Looking south over the Lake Helen area from the col between Cirque Peak and Cirque Forepeak.

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Lake Helen Contents:

  Cirque Forepeak

  Cirque Peak

  Crystal Ridge

All Mountains Found In This Ski Zone:

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