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Healy Drainage
Sunshine Range, Massive Range, Ball Range - Alberta - Canada
Banff National Park, Kootenay National Park , Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park

The Healy Drainage ski zone covers the area going up Healy Creek all the way to Healy Pass. The summer hiking trail, Healy Creek Trail, is the main route of access for this area and is also used as an exit from many slack/sidecountry runs from Sunshine Resort.

Healy Creek is the main drainage for the area north and west of Sunshine Resort and offers several options for good days out. Most of the runs are serious avalanche paths that run during most natural cycles. If you are planning on skiing the avalanche paths it would be wise to keep track of avalanche activity in this area while skiing at Sunshine Resort, you can get excellent views of all paths while hiking and skiing Wawa Ridge.

After a few hours of skinning up Healy Creek Trail you are rewarded with mostly short, low angled ski runs at Healy Pass. Most of the runs around Healy Pass are generally not high risk where avalanches are concerned and this is probably what makes it so popular. There are a few runs in this area that do offer the more adventurous skier options; the Monarch Ramparts offer some short but steep runs and Healy 3 Peak's South-East Face boasts a nice long alpine run.

Healy Creek Trail and Healy Pass are also used as the primary route for skiers heading to the Egypt Lake, East Verdant Creek and Lost Horse Creek ski zones.

Ski Zone Access Info: [?]
Distance: 3.00km
Vertical Gain: 275m
Vertical Loss: 50m
ATES: Challenging

Ski Zone Info: [?]
Max Elevation: 2525m
Min Elevation: 1750m

Map Info:
82 O/4: GR820605
GR865633 (Sunshine Resort parking lot)
GR857630 (first bridge, Sunshine Creek)
GR842627 (second bridge, Healy Creek)

From the parking lot at Sunshine Resort head to the back of the lodge near the warehouse to find the Healy Creek trailhead. The bottom part of this trail is also the Lower Canyon ski out run. At the first fork turn right onto the Healy Creek Trail and down hill to the first bridge, (Sunshine Creek). Follow the trail for another 2.5km to arrive at the second bridge which crosses Healy Creek. From here you can access all the routes within this ski zone.

Overview of the Healy Drainage ski zone from the Monarch Ramparts.

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Healy Drainage Contents:

  Center Peak
       - Healy Creek Avalanche Path 1
       - Healy Creek Avalanche Path 2
       - Healy Creek Avalanche Path 3
       - Healy Creek Y Drainage
       - South Aspect
       - The Big V

  Healy 1
       - East Aspect
       - Healy Glades
       - South West Trimline

  Healy 2

  Healy 3
       - South-East Face
       - Summer Trail Slopes

  Monarch Ramparts
       - North East Aspect

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